The foundation 

The Kembé Foundation is an official Erasmus University student- and alumni organisation. “Kembé” is a Haitian Creole expression that is used to encourage people who find themselves in a seemingly desperate situation “stay strong, don’t give up!”.

This expression matches the Kembé mission. Our mission is to fight poverty through social entrepreneurship. To accomplish this Kembé aims to empower the poor to improve their livelihoods by initiating financially viable businesses in developing countries. By doing so, local communities can become self-sustaining and work their way out of poverty. We believe the best tools to eliminate poverty are the provision of knowledge and the creation of sustainable jobs.. A fundamental principle for each project is the alliance with a reliable local partner. In the long-run, the Kembé Foundation and the local partner remain involved with the realised projects to ensure social impact, sustainability and further growth. 

Kembé understands the responsibility and weight that comes with donations. Therefore, we adhere to a 0% overhead policy and guarantee transparency towards our supporters.Kembé ensures that every donation is fully used for the projects at hand. Therefore, the foundation is solely dependent on volunteers. They do not receive any form of compensation to ensure the adherence to the zero overhead policy. To provide transparency to our financial supporters we publish an annual report every year.